5 Real Stages of Depression

Do you know what are some stages of depression? Before we talk too far about it, let see what is depression actually? Depression is a profound sadness, felt to be the most miserable, hopeless, feeling worthless. Reaction of depression is triggered by a situation or event that causes a person to feel lost. Depression can be caused due to loss of job, loss of a loved one, suffers from a very serious illness, dying, income plummeted, bad reputation, dignity, power, or confidence.

All symptoms of depression arise from an imbalance of neurotransmitters (substances conductor in the nervous system), such as serotonin (a neurotransmitter that regulates feelings), norepinephrine (a neurotransmitter that regulates energy interest), and dopamine (neotransmitter a set interest) in different parts of our brain.

stages of depression

According to Wikipedia itself, depression is a condition that more than a sad state, when the condition of depression a person to cause the disruption of their daily social activities then it is called as a disorder Depression. Some of the symptoms of depression disorder is the feeling of sadness, excessive tiredness after activity a regular routine, lost interest and enthusiasm, lazy move, and disruption of sleep patterns. Depression is one of the main causes of suicide.

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Stages of depression are as follows:


Response in which he does not believe or refuse to face what is / was going on. Concerned were not ready for the conditions encountered and their impact. At this stage we should not force people to believe what we say. All we can do is make sure that whatever happens to him we will always promise to support him. If at that time he was venting his emotions, let him vent. Precisely because they force him to believe, he will be more rebellious and our relationship will be worse because we will be judged deceive people.


Sense of anger is often difficult to understand by the family / significant because it may be triggered by things that normally do not cause anger. Anger is often the case due to a sense of helplessness, can happen anytime and to anyone but are generally directed to people who are emotionally have a close relationship with them. Frequently asked questions in his/her mind is: Why me? Why not someone else? He was angry with God and the people around him. Dealing with people is quite difficult phase. What we can do awaken her true feelings about what makes him angry, realizing that he had a sense of grief and loss in flavor. Dealing with people like that can be done through empathic approach (trying to understand the feelings of these people, do not mean to feel what he feels) and using non defensive response.


The client tries to make a bargain with God in order to avoid loss will be occured, this can be done in silence or expressed openly. Psychologically, bargaining is done to correct mistakes or sins of the past. At this stage, we try to keep supporting him/her.

Depression/Sadness depth

Deep sense of sadness is occurred as a result of loss. What happens to a person with this stage is that he will experience signs of depression include no hope, sleep disorders, pulling away from the social environment, and even suicidal ideation. Depression can occur as a reaction to the problem, but also as a form of anticipation of the loss that may subsequently occur again. When you have the idea of suicide, then that person needs treatment.


At this stage, the client understand and accept the situation, the question began to lose interest in the environment and can find peace with his condition. At this stage is the stage when people are already aware of what is happening and how to respond. She is able to receive the plight that has befallen him. Mood which would seem neutral can also be a little euphoria (excessive excitement).

Each is facing a definite pressure while they are going through the five stages. There is no certainty that any person going through all these stages, he could have started at the stage of bargaining, or even directly to the stage of acceptance. The above stages are not always in order, but the end goal is reached the stage of acceptance. We’re just trying so he can get into the acceptance stage quickly, but it was not easy because the timing could not be estimated. Help moral or psychological support will help these people reach the stage of acceptance as soon as possible and solve the problems encountered at each stage. The most potent drug for him is to understand what is in his feelings. So in what stages of depression are you now?

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